Monday, September 25, 2006

Prices lowered on BidVille


Be sure to check out our auction listings on BidVille. We've lowered our starting price and Take It price on all of our items listed on BidVille. To view our lisitngs with the lower prices, click on the graphic below.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

New genealogical resource added to our auctions

Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania
Price: $9.95
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If your family research extends into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania then this ebook on CD is a must have. This is also a great resource for those conducting historic research about the Commonwealth.
Vol. I. Colonial families. Penn family
Vol. I. Logan Family
Vol. I. Lloyd Family
Vol. I. Morris Family
Vol. I. Norris Family
Vol. I. Shippen Family
Vol. I. Powell Family
Vol. I. Hudson Family
Vol. I. Swift Family
Vol. I. Willing Family
Vol. I. Balch Family
Vol. I. Bevan Family
Vol. I. Rawle Family 1
Vol. I. Biddle Family
Vol. I. Emlen Family
Vol. I. Waln Family
Vol. I. Warner Family
Vol. I. Wistar-Wister Family
Vol. I. The Wister Family
Vol. I. Pemberton Family
Vol. I. Fox Family
Vol. I. Holme
Vol. I. Crispin Family
Vol. I. Tyson Family
Vol. I. Yeates Family
Vol. I. McCall Family
Vol. I. Plumstead Family
Vol. I. Gilpin Family
Vol. I. Shoemaker Family
Vol. I. Roberts Family
Vol. I. Cuthbert Family
Vol. I. Carpenter and Preston families
Vol. I. Pennypacker Family
Vol. I. Chew Family
Vol. I. Hamilton Family
Vol. I. Wharton Family
Vol. I. Frank C. Mosier
Vol. I. Franklin Lawrence Sheppard and Howard Reynolds Sheppard
Vol. I. Jacob Esher Heyl
Vol. I. Magee Family
Vol. I. Edgar Arthur Singer
Vol. I. Henry Wilson Rupp
Vol. I. William Partridge Gilpin
Vol. I. Samuel Marshall
Vol. I. Elbert Augustus Corbin, Jr.
Vol. I. Murdoch Kendrick
Vol. I. Charles Smith Turnbull, M.D.
Vol. I. Richard Dale Sparhawk
Vol. I. Samuel Rea
Vol. I. Francis Adams Donaldson
Vol. I. Harry Blynn
Vol. I. Harold Montgomery Sill

Vol. II. William Sergeant Blight, Jr
Vol. II. Henry Whelen, Jr
Vol. II. Abbot S. Cooke
Vol. II. Abbot Family
Vol. II. Findley Family
Vol. II. Wicklife C. Lyne
Vol. II. Duane Family
Vol. II. Mrs. Robert Bruce Ricketts
Vol. II. Sidney Roby Miner
Vol. II. Hon. John B. Steel
Vol. II. Cadwalader Biddle
Vol. II. Rodney Augustus Mercur
Vol. II. James Henry Fisher
Vol. II. Levi Ellmaker Waller
Vol. II. Joseph Emmett Patterson
Vol. II. Powell Evans
Vol. II. Waddell-Smith family
Vol. II. Major George McCully Laughlin
Vol. II. William De Witt Kennedy
Vol. II. Mrs. J. Hartwell Hillman
Vol. II. Earl Bill Putnam
Vol. II. William Wilson Curtin
Vol. II. Douglas Bunting
Vol. II. Carstairs family
Vol. II. Denny Family
Vol. II. James Crossan Chaplin
Vol. II. John W. Herron
Vol. II. Henrietta Salisbury Evans
Vol. II. William T. Lyon
Vol. II. Clara Horton Shaw Jenkins
Vol. II. Robert Packer Brodhead
Vol. II. Persifor Frazer Smith
Vol. II. George Bartleson Benners
Vol. II. Andrew Fine Deer
Vol. II. John Benton Fassett
Vol. II. Frederic Walsingham Miller
Vol. II. Henry S. Lydick
Vol. II. Churchill Brown Mehard
Vol. II. James Murdoch Clark
Vol. II. James Alexander Robinson
Vol. II. William Hoggan Haines
Vol. II. Harry Gilmore Samson
Vol. II. Florence Jones Reineman
Vol. II. Margaret Irwin Hays
Vol. II. Matilda Graham Horner
Vol. II. Jennie Serrill Griffith
Vol. II. Elizabeth Wilson Robinson Allen
Vol. II. Adams--Anshutz
Vol. II. Logue Family
Vol. II. Omar Scott Decker
Vol. II. Francis Thomas Fletcher Lovejoy
Vol. II. Edwin Ruthven Sullivan
Vol. II. John Reed Scott
Vol. II. William Piper De Armit
Vol. II. Robert Sturgeon Robb
Vol. II. Estelle Knox Paul
Vol. II. Percival James Eaton
Vol. II. J. Caldwell Morrow
Vol. II. Frances Van Horn Burns
Vol. II. Anna Harding Denny Corcoran
Vol. II. Major Samuel W. Jeffries
Vol. II. Henry W. C. Gleffer
Vol. II. Homer J. Lindsay
Vol. II. Samuel Babcock Crowell
Vol. II. Babcock (Badcocke) Family
Vol. II. Addinell Hewson, M. D.
Vol. II. Colonel Oliver Christian Bosbyshell
Vol. II. Hon. William Potter
Vol. II. Hon. Hampton L. Carson
Vol. II. Edward E. Robbins
Vol. II. Robert Potter Molten
Vol. II. George Grossman Lennig
Vol. II. Jonathan Cilley Neff
Vol. II. William Stewart Wallace
Vol. II. Richards Family
Vol. II. Andrew Vinton Brown
Vol. II. Thomas Rehrer Osbourn
Vol. II. John Heman Converse
Vol. II. John Marston
Vol. II. John Calvert
Vol. II. Louis Childs Madeira
Vol. II. David Chambers Boggs
Vol. II. John Eshleman LLoyd
Vol. II. Ogden D. Wilkinson
Vol. II. Archibald Roger Montgomery
Vol. II. Daniel Waldo Howard
Vol. II. H. S. Prentiss Nichols
Vol. II. Alexis Dupont Smith
Vol. II. Antoine Bournonville
Vol. II. Neville B. Craig

Vol. III. Calvin Wells
Vol. III. Thomas McKean
Vol. III. Clarence P. Wynne
Vol. III. William Woods Pinkerton
Vol. III. Henry Howard Ellison
Vol. III. Thomas Leaming
Vol. III. Alfred Huntington Burnham
Vol. III. Charles Edward Etting
Vol. III. Kimber Family
Vol. III. Hon. George Franklin Huff
Vol. III. Burchfield Family
Vol. III. Jennie Spurway Snowden Mckay
Vol. III. Frank Rodman Shattuck
Vol. III. Daniel Smith Newhall
Vol. III. Hendrick Elsworth Paine
Vol. III. Thompson Richard Winsheimer
Vol. III. Elizabeth Whitewright Leeds Kimball
Vol. III. Margaret S. Beaver Cassidy
Vol. III. William Grafton Wentworth
Vol. III. Charles Love Scott Tingley
Vol. III. Walter Field Peet and Edward Butler Peet
Vol. III. Hon. Reuben O. Moon
Vol. III. Charles Clinton Kinney
Vol. III. Taber Ashton
Vol. III. Hon. James Tyndale Mitchell
Vol. III. Stanley Griswold Flagg, Jr
Vol. III. Hon. William Wagener Porter
Vol. III. Henry Martyn Dechert
Vol. III. Hon. Richard Lewis Ashhurt
Vol. III. Charlotte Dallas Morrell Patterson
Vol. III. Frank William Shriver
Vol. III. William Mintzer Van Leer
Vol. III. Edward Hine Johnson
Vol. III. Samuel Taylor Bodine
Vol. III. Guillermo Colesberry Purves
Vol. III. Thomas Hand Ball
Vol. III. Paul Ross Weitzel
Vol. III. William Augustus Patton
Vol. III. William Martin Bonsall
Vol. III. Frank Evans Townsend
Vol. III. William Righter Fisher
Vol. III. William Churchill Houston
Vol. III. Charles Malcolm McCloud
Vol. III. B. Frank Hart
Vol. III. Charles Warren Merrill
Vol. III. Clement Weaver
Vol. III. Howard Winters Perrin
Vol. III. John Lloyd
Vol. III. Nathaniel Seymour Thomas
Vol. III. Sellers Family
Vol. III. Diehl Family
Vol. III. Price
Vol. III. Philip Howard Brice
Vol. III. Samuel McClintock Hamill
Vol. III. Albert Bissell
Vol. III. Helen (White) Beeson
Vol. III. John K. Bryden
Vol. III. Anna (Say) Liggett
Vol. III. George Hollenbach Butler
Vol. III. James Thorington, M. D.
Vol. III. Maclay
Vol. III. Charles Naylor Mann
Vol. III. William Caner Wiederseim
Vol. III. Samuel S. Eveland
Vol. III. Charles E. Plumly
Vol. III. Philips Family
Vol. III. Colonel Joseph Ripley Chandler Ward
Vol. III. Frederick Charles Johnson, M. D.
Vol. III. Emma Barlow (Chambers) Humbird
Vol. III. Andrew Hamilton McClintock
Vol. III. Rachel H. (Larimer) Mellon
Vol. III. J. Howard Patton
Vol. III. Edwin L. Stevenson
Vol. III. Childs Family
Vol. III. Robert Kelso Cassatt
Vol. III. Spencer Kennard Mulford
Vol. III. James Frederick Thomas
Vol. III. Frank G. Paulson
Vol. III. Reed Bolen Coyle
Vol. III. Adin Louis Sailor
Vol. III. Charles Wood Friend
Vol. III. Stephen Collins McCandless
Vol. III. Sidney Byron Liggett
Vol. III. Matthew Bigger
Vol. III. Durbin Horne
Vol. III. Frank C. Neale
Vol. III. Robert G. S. Ruffner
Vol. III. Kate Cassatt McKnight
Vol. III. Martha Porter Ewing Carson
Vol. III. Agnes Taylor Davis
Vol. III. Lovene Cordery Dickey
Vol. III. Paul Henry Barnes, Jr.
Vol. III. Lily Shiras Morris Jarvis
Vol. III. Marty Pattison Semple
Vol. III. Charles Parrish Hunt
Vol. III. Cornelius Comegys
Vol. III. Ione Mary Reader Walter
Vol. III. Charles Richardson Smith
Vol. III. George Sanderson
Vol. III. Samuel Stanhope Smith Pinkerton
Vol. III. Luther Curran Darte
Vol. III. Hon. Frank Miller Riter
Vol. III. Frederick Bond Sankey
Vol. III. Robert Hobart Smith
Vol. III. Lawrence T. Paul
Vol. III. Henry Thomas Kent
Vol. III. Francis Willis Rouse
Vol. III. Harry Gillam Barnes
Vol. III. Thomas Evans Baird Jr.
Vol. III. Daniel Lammot, Jr.
Vol. III. Lammot
Vol. III. George Mechlin Wagner
Vol. III. Charles Francis Wignall
Vol. III. William McKennan Reed
Vol. III. Shopia Lord (Cass) Hutchinson
Vol. III. James Leddy Paquignot
Vol. III. Sara Patterson Snowden Mitchell
Vol. III. John Denniston Lyon
Vol. III. Margaret Luncinda (Kent) Askin
Vol. III. Cornelia Ewart Van Osten
Vol. III. Warren Edgar Ballard
Vol. III. Chandler Price Wainwright
Vol. III. John Woolf Jordan, LL. D.
Vol. III. Helen Louisa (Haddock) Farr
Vol. III. John Sparhawk Wurts

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

We're changing our format!

Over the next few weeks, PentDragon Press is going to be changing its format for items that are uploaded to the different auction sites. Currently, all listings were being uploaded with the auction format. We will be changing over to a fixed price format on select auction sites. What does this mean to you, the customer? Many of the prices will be reduced from the BUY NOW or TAKE IT NOW price levels. Although the fixed price will be higher then the starting bid price, we expect to lower our non-bidding prices in order to be more in line with our Online Store.

We anticipate unveiling our Online Store right after the Labor Day holiday weekend. Watch this site for future developments at PentDragon Press.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

PentDragon Press Exclusive on eBay

PentDragon Press is proud and happy to announce a new product listing on eBay. PentDragon Press is the only source authorized to offer this new eBook. It's called the Metabolic Index Diet. We currently have a limited number of this eBook, so view the details at:

The link above will take you directly to the product page on eBay. So if you've tried all of the other fad diets and failed, you'll definitely need to get this eBook (delivered to you on a CD). We also including some BONUSES.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Auction listings reposted on multiple sites

We're still in the process of determnig the best venue for our items on auction sites, so we've reposted our items on multiple auction sites. Check out what we have to offer on any of the sites by clicking on the graphics below.

Hurry! We've had some sales on our eBay site already and the items are now offered only at the alternative one.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Any interest in BidVille items?

We're still in the process of determining which of the different auction sites we want to maintain as our primary one. Currently, eBay is that primary auction site, but we've added a few new ones. Namely, Yahoo, Bidville, and Satisfaction sites. We've been heavily promoting our
Bidville site, but the interest in that auction venue seems to be very light. Why? We'd be very interested in hearing from others as to why they choose to use or not to use the Bidville auction site. Leave your comments below.

Currently, on Bidville we are offering:

  • eBook: eBay One-Cent Sale Secrets
  • Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks Like The Pros
  • Biographical Encyclopedia of NJ in the 1800's
  • 1882 History of Fayette Co PA - on CD
  • 1913 History of Uniontown, Fayette Co PA - on CD
  • Bio & Geneal Family Histories - Eastern PA, NJ, NY
  • Bio, Geneal & History of Burlington County NJ
  • Bio, Geneal & History of Gloucester County NJ
  • Biographical & Genealogical History of Salem County, NJ
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of Camden Cnty NJ
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of NJ Distr 1
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of PA Distr 17
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of South Jersey
  • Genealogical & Memorial History of New Jersey
  • Genealogy & History of Cape May County, New Jersey
  • History & Genealogies of Cumberland County NJ
  • History of Fayette Co PA of 1912 - on CD
  • History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties NJ
  • History of Philadelphia, PA - 2 Books on CD
  • Kerr of Ballygoney and his descendants
  • The Kerr Clan of New Jersey & surrounding areas

To view these items click on the image below

Great How-To books on

Auction Name: Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks Like The Pros
Auction Type: standard
Quantity Offered: 1
Category: Books > Educational Books > Other
Starting Bid: 5.95 USD
Buy Now Option: Available Reserve Price: Not Set
Closing Date: Aug. 07, 2006

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Auction Name: eBook: Auction One-Cent Sale Secrets
Auction Type: standard
Quantity Offered: 1
Category: Books > Educational Books > Business & Finance
Starting Bid: 0.99 USD
Buy Now Option: Available
Reserve Price: Not Set
Closing Date: Aug. 07, 2006

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Book mark our Store at to see any new items that we add.

Our Store At Satisfaction

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New items listed at Yahoo Auctions

We've added new listings on our Yahoo Auctions site. If you are interested in resources for your family research or for historical research, then these hard-to-find items are a must for you. Here are a few title of what we are offering:

Biographical, Genealogical & History of South Jersey
Biographical, Genealogical & History of Camden Cnty NJ
Biographical Encyclopedia of NJ in the 1800's
Biographical & Genealogical History of Salem County, NJ <--Best buy
Biographical, Genealogical & History of PA Distr 17
Biographical, Genealogical & History of NJ Distr 1

Check out all of our auctions at Yahoo by clicking the link below

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Items on Yahoo Auctions

Auction Title: Biographical, Genealogical & History of PA Distr 17
Auction ID: 5076087
Total Quantity: 1
Starting Price: $9.75
Reserve Price: $9.75
Opened Date: Jul 31 21:04 2006 PDT
Close Date: Aug 04 21:04 2006 PDT

Click here to view this auction:

Auction Title: Biographical, Genealogical & History of NJ Distr 1
Auction ID: 5075975
Total Quantity: 1
Starting Price: $9.75
Reserve Price: $9.75
Opened Date: Jul 31 21:01 2006 PDT
Close Date: Aug 04 21:01 2006 PDT

Click here to view your auction:

Yahoo auctions ending soon!

Check out our items on Yahoo Auctions before they're gone.

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Noted on more then a few auctions

I just wanted to bring a point up that I noticed when I was browsing some of the items on certain auction sites. There are a few sellers that hide behind the fact that they are a large liquidator and cannot inspect and test each of the products that they offer. We think that this is a ploy on their part as to not have to stand behind their products. In reading their feedback, their rating % is below 90%, they have had negative comments that included one about an item received that CAUGHT ON FIRE as soon as it was plugged in. What was the sellers reply? That the condition of the product was specified in the description of the item. I looked at the description of the item and no where did it state that there was a possibility that the item would catch fire when plugged in. The seller is playing a game that depends on the odds being in their favor...more items will generate positive feedback then negative feedback. The seller has been running their auctions for about 4 years and has a rating of under 90%! I predict that this
seller's revenue will experience a steady decline, if it hasn't already.

As a rule, before I submit a bid on any item I always check a sellers feedback rating. And depending on how long they've been running their auctions. A newer seller I would expect them to have a low number of feedback but I would still expect their rating to be above 95%. This allows for the few people who you cannot make happy unless you give the item to
them for free. So, as a cautionary note be weary of sellers whose rating is below 90% and their replies to negative feedback translates to "I don't stand behind my product".

Just my .02 worth.

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