Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Noted on more then a few auctions

I just wanted to bring a point up that I noticed when I was browsing some of the items on certain auction sites. There are a few sellers that hide behind the fact that they are a large liquidator and cannot inspect and test each of the products that they offer. We think that this is a ploy on their part as to not have to stand behind their products. In reading their feedback, their rating % is below 90%, they have had negative comments that included one about an item received that CAUGHT ON FIRE as soon as it was plugged in. What was the sellers reply? That the condition of the product was specified in the description of the item. I looked at the description of the item and no where did it state that there was a possibility that the item would catch fire when plugged in. The seller is playing a game that depends on the odds being in their favor...more items will generate positive feedback then negative feedback. The seller has been running their auctions for about 4 years and has a rating of under 90%! I predict that this
seller's revenue will experience a steady decline, if it hasn't already.

As a rule, before I submit a bid on any item I always check a sellers feedback rating. And depending on how long they've been running their auctions. A newer seller I would expect them to have a low number of feedback but I would still expect their rating to be above 95%. This allows for the few people who you cannot make happy unless you give the item to
them for free. So, as a cautionary note be weary of sellers whose rating is below 90% and their replies to negative feedback translates to "I don't stand behind my product".

Just my .02 worth.


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