Saturday, August 05, 2006

Any interest in BidVille items?

We're still in the process of determining which of the different auction sites we want to maintain as our primary one. Currently, eBay is that primary auction site, but we've added a few new ones. Namely, Yahoo, Bidville, and Satisfaction sites. We've been heavily promoting our
Bidville site, but the interest in that auction venue seems to be very light. Why? We'd be very interested in hearing from others as to why they choose to use or not to use the Bidville auction site. Leave your comments below.

Currently, on Bidville we are offering:

  • eBook: eBay One-Cent Sale Secrets
  • Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks Like The Pros
  • Biographical Encyclopedia of NJ in the 1800's
  • 1882 History of Fayette Co PA - on CD
  • 1913 History of Uniontown, Fayette Co PA - on CD
  • Bio & Geneal Family Histories - Eastern PA, NJ, NY
  • Bio, Geneal & History of Burlington County NJ
  • Bio, Geneal & History of Gloucester County NJ
  • Biographical & Genealogical History of Salem County, NJ
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of Camden Cnty NJ
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of NJ Distr 1
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of PA Distr 17
  • Biographical, Genealogical & History of South Jersey
  • Genealogical & Memorial History of New Jersey
  • Genealogy & History of Cape May County, New Jersey
  • History & Genealogies of Cumberland County NJ
  • History of Fayette Co PA of 1912 - on CD
  • History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties NJ
  • History of Philadelphia, PA - 2 Books on CD
  • Kerr of Ballygoney and his descendants
  • The Kerr Clan of New Jersey & surrounding areas

To view these items click on the image below


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